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On this page we have co-oped with various companies to help us raise awareness of this Auto-immune disease called Lupus. 

Every purchase of our items displayed help us to help Lupus patients across the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada Area, as well as across the United States!

There are benefits associated with each purchase like a FREE members only booking website. And every purchase also feeds a child on our selective products.


Custom Style Crocs

Lupus of Nevada has put togeter customer designs for the Croc Shoes. Get your customer Crocs today! Cost: $85 for the customer design.


SkinTech Wearable Techhology

Gentle but strong

Kills a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact without needing to reapply.

acts as a biochemical glove

Protects your skin for 4 hours with a single application

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We are helping people save on their travel through igo4less or igo! It's a FREE Member only savings website that you can have to get savings up to 35% Off as a customer. Up to 70% Off as a TSA- Travel Savings Ambassador! 

Every activated website fees a child!

Our Goal is to feed 5,000 Children!